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Financial Edge delivers innovative financial training, specializing in advancing the investment banking, asset and wealth management skills for both academics and professionals.

The worlds top 4 investment banks, as rated by the Financial Times choose Financial Edge to teach their interns analysts and associates. You can experience the same top-tier training and get certified investment banking skills by enrolling on their bestselling micro-degree The Investment Banker.

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Kickstart your finance career by enrolling in Financial Edge’s bestselling online bundle of investment banking courses. Learn the critical corporate finance skills fundamental to numerous investment banking roles and challenge yourself to achieve the same micro-degree and skill accreditation that thousands of new hires at the top investment banks are working towards. All certification can easily be added to LinkedIn so you can demonstrate your impressive achievement and let others know you have joined an elite group.

  • Get all of the following courses for less: The Accountant, Modeler, Valuer and Deal Maker.

  • 350 videos across 4 online courses, with over 15 hours of instructor-led video content.

  • 244 Excel exercises to solve alongside the videos.

  • Access to online community of finance professionals, where expert instructors are ready to answer your questions.

  • Download all or parts of the course for learning on the move.


Financial Edge’s bestselling investment banking guide utilised by thousands of analysts and associates at the world’s top 3 investment banks, PE firms, boutiques and corporations, as rated by the FT in 2018.

  • Learn essential topics from scratch or simply check your methods and reinforce your expertise.

    • Includes 20 essential chapters across five topics: financial accounting, financial modeling, valuation, LBO and M&A.

  • Over 80 minutes of instructor-led video access, providing further explanations for complex topics.

  • Authored by expert instructors.


Find a formula quickly with Financial Edge’s financial formulas cheat sheet 6 pack bundle.

  • Designed for referencing critical shortcuts, methodologies and formulae.

  • Six key topics: financial accounting fundamentals, financial modelling fundamentals, valuation fundamentals, LBO, M&A and Microsoft Office Shortcuts.

  • A4 sized, double sided sheets.

  • Laminated for office and backpack durability.

  • Authored by expert instructors.

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