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The Investment Banker

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Financial Edge Training's latest online course, called 'The Investment Banker', should be considered a pre-requisite for incoming investment banking analysts. The course is broken up into four core modules: 'The Accountant', 'The Valuer', 'The Modeler' and 'The Deal-Maker'.

These in turn cover a range of technical skills and tools needed as part of working within investment banking, from learning the ABCs of financial statements to advanced merger modelling in Excel. The course includes 350 videos across 4 online courses, with over 15 hours of instructor-led video content and 244 Excel exercises to solve alongside the videos.

The course is extremely interactive and focuses on practical learning rather than textbook learning, with exercise sheets and model templates given for each set of topics. You then have the ability to cross-reference these 'empty' sheets to the correct 'completed' ones so as to ensure your working is right.

Moreover, upon completion of the course, you are awarded with an official certificate which can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile - instantly increasing your digital resume and, respectively, your recruiting prospects.

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