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The Financial Climb aims to break the knowledge gap facing aspiring finance professionals, acting as a bridge between higher education and the financial industry. We provide career and application advice, industry insights and Q&A forums in helping you achieve your dream financial career. Register as a member to join the discussion and subscribe to our blog below for the latest news and updates.


1. EDUCATE aspiring finance professionals in an-ever growing and competitive job market.

2. CONNECT like-minded individuals through social media & networking events to improve our members’ career prospects.

3. PROVIDE exclusive work-related opportunities with our partner firms.

Testimonials of The Financial Climb:


"The insight I gained did not only provide me with the basics required to be successful in the assessments and interviews for the roles I wanted, but also gave me a strong general knowledge of the financial industry. It is not only the Financial Climb's knowledge of the industry which makes this content so beneficial, but their ability to articulate this that made learning so easy and enjoyable. From someone of a Philosophy undergraduate background, without the Financial Climb's help, I could not have been successful in getting the position with the company I really wanted." Nat Abery, Incoming Graduate at Deloitte.

"It is a combination of The Financial Climb's knowledge on the finance industry and on the nitty-gritty perfectionist details of the application process, combined with their ability to motivate throughout the process, that makes this website such a valuable resource. Anyone would be more than lucky to benefit from this experience." 

Lula Zaimi, Spring Insight Weeks at BNP Paribas, Citi Group, HSBC and Barclays.


"It’s not often I see read such informative content about the financial industry. Finance can be very overwhelming and difficult to fully understand, but the Financial Climb excels at breaking down seemingly complex topics. The authors are encouraging and want to see people succeed. Andres Volosyanko, Intern at Dragon Capital.

"The Financial Climb was incredibly useful throughout my application process and I am incredibly grateful for all their help! I also had an offer from the Bank of England and ACs with BNP, JP and Schroders, which I definitely owe to the website- especially coming from a non-finance degree background and without prior interview experience in financial services. They provided me with interview practice, completely upgraded my CV, helped me to prep questions, and also gave me invaluable guidance on the various asset classes/internship streams and what they would entail, which is so crucial for the application process. Invaluable support!" Hannah Waddilove, Intern at Standard Life Aberdeen.



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